Going Back to Basics

I started reading the beginning of my course book this morning: notebooks and free writing. During assignment 2, I have been sporadic in my use of these as I was concentrating more on character sketches. These are fundamental to my writing. Today’s attempts felt different than previously. I felt an ability to let go. I felt there was growth in my attempts. I wrote about the moon and sitting on a bench with David Bowie. It came from nowhere and was really exciting. Makes a change from the boring free writing that I have been doing some times.

I also did an exercise from Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. I wrote a list of 10 things I could see (mug, desk, pig, etc.) and wrote a three line poem on each word (only spending 3 minutes per poem). It was like free writing because there was little time to think about it. It loosens me up. I will repeat this exercise. Here are the poems I wrote:

A blanket is a pink mermaid

It is warm

Like the sun is warmer


Tea warms a china mug

Is it like your china mug?

The one you face?


A pig in the mud is worth

Two more than a bird

In the bush or hand


A book is dusty

And read from cover to cover

The reader is clean


Obtaining a library book

It fell open at page 24

“She fell in love…”


By six it could be chilly

It could

The BBC Weather channel


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